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MIMMO - Dog Toy
MIMMO - Dog Toy
MIMMO - Dog Toy

MIMMO - Dog Toy

2.8 Duepuntootto Design for Dogs
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‘Nothing falls on the floor here!’

With this expression, Italian craftsmen and women mean that nothing goes to waste, not even the scraps of fabric that are left over when they tailor a product.

By drawing inspiration from this way of saying, as well as from the wonderful natural scenery surrounding us, 2.8 created these dog toys. A way to reinterpret leftover fabrics and give them new life, thus respecting and enhancing their value and the work of those who have woven them.

The toys come in three leaf shapes, a further reference to nature inspiring us every day.

Maple, fig and magnolia are the options in orange Casentino wool, pistachio bouclé wool and grey recycled wool respectively.

• The article measures 33 (height) x 12 (width) cm

• Made of recycled wool

• Squeaker sewn inside the toy